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About Jill Haffley

Jill Haffley - Candidate for D-11 School board

I have spent thirty years as a classroom teacher, twenty-nine of those years in D11. I spent the largest part of my teaching career, some twenty-seven years, at Coronado High School where I taught history and government, working with veterans, and bringing in guest speakers who “did” history.

I was the student council advisor where the heartbeat of the school ran through my classroom. My council kids and I worked with the community to bring in intergenerational activities between students and senior citizens, as well as veterans. In addition, I have coached three sports.

My life revolved around the kids in my charge. While I believe that academic scores are very important, I also believe in student life. I know kids are more than test scores and grades. They are social beings, as well. I believe the school provides safe and fun opportunities for kids to live their own “glory days.”

Jilly Haffley - an educator with 30 years of experience

I am a 6-time award winning educator and education has always been at the core of my life. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in history and my teaching credentials, I embarked on a rewarding career as a high school teacher. It was not much later that I went back to school for a master’s degree in PE emphasizing Sport Administration. My experience in the classroom has provided me with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that students, teachers, and schools face daily.

As an educator, I advocated for my students both at the school level and at the school board level. I fought for policies that prioritize quality education and student welfare.

Jill Haffley with her canine family

Over the years, I have been actively involved in the community, volunteering at several local dog rescues/shelters, helping former puppy mill dogs learn to become family members, and volunteering within my church by helping to landscape parishioner’s yards.

With me on the school board, parents can feel assured that their children’s education is in capable hands, and students can be confident that their voices will be heard. I believe we can come together to build a brighter future for our schools in the entire community.